Lurasidone increase

I’ve been experiencing some increased symptoms lately, and my doctor suggested I try going up on my latuda again, to 60 mg. When I tried before, it made my jaw clench and I felt uncomfortably restless after taking it. She’s hoping with me going off cymbalta, the side effects might be more tolerable this time.

I know I need a higher dose, but I’m worried the side effects will be intolerable. Has anyone experienced this with latuda/lurasidone? Did it go away?

Yeah I had bad akathasia with latuda, I would shake uncontrollably. I took some benztropine and I still had mild shakes. I was also on rexulti. Once I was on rexulti max dose and latuda max dose I still had mild shakes. One day I decided to stop the benztropine and the shakes were gone. Just weird. My doctor said if you have shakes too bad and the benztropine don’t help to call him.


I’ve used benztropine in the past alongside haldol, but my doctor really doesn’t want me to have to be on a med for side effects too and said if this increase doesn’t go well, we can try a different antipsychotic. She suggested possibly geodon. I’ve never tried rexulti. Is that the one that’s kind of related to abilify?

Yeah I guess they’re similar

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