Lunch with mom on friday fancy restaurant!

we are supposed to go to the fanciest restaurant that just opened up last year in my town ! My sister has been going ever since it opened and she treated us last month there…pricey, but delicious and plentiful food. yayyyy…can’t wait…I’m just going to get burgers for me and the wife, can’t wait to see mom too…we are right back where we always were in love and closeness and I am soooo happy.


Hey!!! Get the salmon :drooling_face:

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Good things. Yeah I just picked up some Starbucks, chai tea, and Arby’s. Made my day


@AKendrick they have it probably…I don’t like salmon, but I do make a mean smoked salmon cream cheese ball rolled in pecans and served with capers…but anyways…no a burger is the cheapest on the menu and I don’t want to impose on my mom.


@jukebox , is it a steakhouse?

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Salmon rules, especially with dill sauce

Burgers are usually a safe bet.

What kind of food do they specialize in?

@CoCo they have steaks, and seafood, burgers and salads…their h’ors doevres are the best too !!

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Well, if the steaks are amazing, you could always split a steak with your wife. That way you get the best food they’ve got, if that’s what’s best.

My husband and I split a meal when we go to this one restaurant and it’s just the right amount of food.

We go like 3 times a year. It’s so good!

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oh thanks for the idea…I’d rather have a huge hamburger to myself…ha beef is beef…not really but steaks I like med. rare and she likes it medium. so it really wouldn’t work but thank you anyways.