Lucid dreaming lucid dreaming

What’s lucid dreaming like? It must be pretty amazing.

I guess there is balance in this world. Had the most amazing dream last night now I have some back pain.

What’s lucid dreaming like?:joy:

I’m either erecting buildings like inception or going to Israel next. I may even try to meet source. If I get bestowed that blessing.

Jk. I don’t even dream.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::pleading_face::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Does anybody else dream? What’s it like? Do you lucid dream?

I can’t do any of that. I’m referring to dreams.

Yeah, I’ve had lucid dreams. It happens to me very rarely now, I don’t dream nearly as much as I used to in general. I find I lucid dream mostly in the morning once I’m awake, but not on my feet. It’s like you’re awake, but floating in Bliss

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What do you do? Are you in full control?

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It’s more like watching a movie, but you’re part of it. I am almost always flying, floating over top of people, or flying through nature

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I think if you tried to control it, it would shatter the dream

Have you ever had a first person dream?

I want to create buildings, meet source or go to Israel.

What do you mean?

I hope you don’t mind me picking your brain.

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Your kind of part of the dream, but going with the flow. If you try to control it, whatever you plan it would cause your conscious mind to think and the dream would just disappear as you woke up further. That’s the way it is for me anyway

It’s more intuition from your Soul

So you’ve never dreamed in first person? Seems impossible.

People can definitely control their dreams that’s what lucid dreaming is.

I’ve controlled my dreams and gone with the flow. I remember trying to get out. Then I heard a stomp. I couldn’t get out of it by that alone. I’ve had to will myself out of dreams. I have definitely been in total control. There have been guides at times.

Sometimes I wake up kinda faint. I don’t dream every night.

I don’t see anything concerning about lucid dreams. The only possibility is blurred lines. If you do bad in your dreams you’re going to do bad in real life. Another far off problem is that if you lucid dream too much it becomes tougher to distinguish from reality. That would be getting lost in your dreams.

This seems far off but if I continue to lucid dream at this level I could steal secrets. That’s only if structures are the same in dreams as reality. Im not sure about that. Hopefully I can find out tonight by testing something local.

Another note there are actually levels like inception. I’ve gone so deep it was difficult to will myself awake. I think anyway.

Sounds crazy don’t it. :joy:

I have weird dreams about being back in junior high. Everything is awful and going wrong and I’m sometimes I’m aware that I’m dreaming, but have no control over what is going wrong and just have to suffer through it looping over and over again.

What?? I think you’re playing games.