Lowered dose of Abilify to help with weight loss?

My doctor recently lowered my dose from 400mg injection to 300mg. Anyone have any experience in lowering the dose and actually losing weight? I have no ability to lose weight at this time and I’ve only gained since starting the medication. It’s really too soon to switch to another med I need to try this out at least a few more months and see if I can lose weight. It’s got me down for sure. Just looking for a little hope out there that maybe someone was able to lose weight while on Abilify. I know most antipyscotics cause weight gain, I just didn’t know this one would be this significant in the gain. I haven’t changed my eating habits or activity level. Nothing’s changed but the medicine and I’m now 30 pounds heavier in 7 months time. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I gained more than your typical on abilify. I can definitely relate. I was 20 lbs more than I am now.

I’m not recommending this but my med naltrexone helped minimize my antipsychotic weight gain.

It’s proven effective for alcoholism but also used in conjunction with antipsychotics to decrease food cravings

Here’s a link (PDF) Investigating the safety and efficacy of naltrexone for anti-psychotic induced weight gain in severe mental illness: Study protocol of a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial

So pretty much I was 190 then I take naltrexone I quit alcohol and stopped eating and dropped to 170. And I was 140 before abilify altogether.

Abilify has less weight gain than zyprexa or clozapine Or a lot of others but still can causes weight gain. Maybe a lowered dose could def help :slight_smile:

Is this your first antipsychotic??

I’m not saying naltrexone but you can ask your doc maybe for a med like it which fights antipsychotic weight gain. I walk a lot too. Exercise and calorie intake is important for people on antipsychotics. Whatever u can do really sometimes it’s more than one adjustment because they can both make you hungry and lower your metabolism speed.

I lost all my weight on generic prolixin… (fluphenazine), abilify made me semi delusional and ruined my first marriage…just sayin.

I lowered my abilify mainena dose as i was concerned about weight gain. I gained two stone in a year. No difference. Now im on pills of aripriprizole. Still no difference. But i think im going to wait it out. As it might just take a very long time for the half life to lower. But thats me being hopeful. I will probably have to switch meds. Weirdly ive put on more weight with abilify than seroquel. So yes seems its about figuring out which med suits you more which is trial and error.

I was on Seroquil before as well and never gained this much weight since switching it’s been a nightmare.

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That’s crazy cuz they told me seroquel was a big gainer and abilify “weight neutral” I guess we’re all different