Loss of appetite anyone?

couldn’t make a dent on my dinner last night, and today I ate two small meals and was stuffed. it’s like this most days, on rare occasions I will eat 3 times a day. I think it’s a combination of age and meds. actually I don’t know how much age has to do with it because dad still can eat quite a bit and he’s 67 now.

I don’t know we were just eating chili earlier today and I had one typical bowl and I was so stuffed. just 4 years ago I would have thrown back 2 bowls just for dinner, now I can go a whole day on just 1 bowl of chili. at first the meds increased my appetite, but these last two years I’ve realized I can get by with less.


Me loss of appetite? Unfortunately, never.

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haha. I wish I could still eat like I used to, but at least I save money on groceries each week.

My appetite reduces when the weather warms up. I lost 2 pounds last week.

Idk why. Maybe I’ll google it: or maybe not.

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