Looking forward to tomorrow?

Tomorrow 11 pm Thats when i take my depot injection (clopixol depot)
I dont know whether it is good or bad but i love the feeling after taking it after half an hour
I also feel like i never been ill before
I never got to hospital before
I never beated on the streets
Too horrible past
I am sorry i got there
I looking to take my long duration small daily dose depot
It is amazing technique to preserve stability


Why 11 pm? That’s kind of late.

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I am looking forward to going volunteering and afterwards going out with my friend.

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I work tomorrow and I hope I have the usual variety that makes time pass quickly. I would rather work than not work.


It is not scientific but i feel sleep attacks during day are less when i take it late at night
Secondy i supposed to take it tuesday not monday so i take it in last hours of monday as i take it in tuesday :grin::grin:
I also take it every three weeks and i am disciplined in that

Whatever works for you. I rarely am up that late. I have to eat dinner at about 6 and take my drugs or I will get psychotic.

I guess an injection would be better but Geodon works for me so long as I take it every 12 hours or so.

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I am glad that you feel better after your shot.

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I am going out to eat with my friend tomorrow.