Look like real threats this time 😭

when i talk to them i forget word for example
they say it to me
they speak like real people in real life
this is not the problem
the problem
is they threat to kill me after 5 years from now

they say "your father recently died "
so we cant kill you now but after 5 years

either speak to authorities about us or we kill you
even if you seem like mad but u survive killing

along my 11 years with them all the time they threat me to kill me
but after trauma of my dad is death i feel this real
i am very scared
i try forgetting

i try to ask my self
they killed my dad after 11 years of talking to them
so they may kill me too as they saying after 5 years

this is unbearable


Don’t listen to them they are liars, @saynow. Your a good guy, they won’t kill you, they are just trying to scare you, just be indifferent towards them. Have you tried all the antipsychotics?


You don’t deserve to suffer like this, your a good guy. Keep fighting


i will not
they have horrible side effects
i m now on low dose
i dont want ap kill me either
i will try to compromise low dose and coping with them
i hope i will not be dead in the future
i am asking god to protect me from this crisis


thank you dear
i dont know how to thank you on your beautiful words
that reassured me


He will protect you. Please consider getting on a higher dose, I’m on it now and I exercise and eat healthy and my voices are whispers most of the time, being on an AP dosent have to threaten your health, espeicially I’f it works for your voices. I hope you can overcome this stressful time :+1:t3:


For some of the awful experiences I had with schizophrenia, I knew no better strategy than to endure,

Now, in my advanced age, my life is relatively sweet.


Just come here and tell us when you need to vent :slightly_smiling_face:

I understand completely what your going through

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