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Long term effects of being on meds


No, it is research backed clinically proven that psychosis is what causes the death of grey matter and that medication helps to prevent this. This group you are following sound like conspiracy theorist wackos.

As for the trauma thing, there is such a thing as ptsd induced psychosis and that is a whole other thing from sz, you would need to talk with a doctor about that.


yeah, i followed a group on fb about it and all i get is that the cia are controlling my brain from chicago with neuralisers, i have told them these are delusions and to get on meds but i dont know if they listen.

i have often wondered if my drug use coupled with the traumatic events in my life have caused the psychosis and its not actually schizophrenia, but when i told the doctor what happened it was also traumatic in a way because they didnt believe me and wouldnt let me out of hospital, until i agreed it was all a delusion, i am hesitant to bring it up again.

its a whole mess and i dont know who to turn to tbh, till i figure it out i will be on these meds, the thought of it being degenerative is scary, and kind of depressing but also makes u think that you should live for the moment and live life to the fullest before it kicks in.
we have a new psychiatrist though, the last one got promoted, she prescibed various friends of mine meds with powerful irriversible side effects and caused them un needed pain, so im glad shes gone, i gotta just get the courage to tell this new shrink about it maybe. what would be the treatment for drug induced psychosis coupled with ptsd induced psychosis?


Antipsychotics and probably an antidepressant for the ptsd. I have ptsd and a psychotic disorder (but the psychosis is not ptsd induced in my case, it’s the other way around for me lol) However if it’s ptsd induced psychosis over time if the ptsd is treated and the trauma is overcome I believe the psychosis may decrease in severity or go away, whereas this would not be the case with sz.

Drug induced psychosis is treated the exact same way as sz. Unfortunately if you do the hard stuff too much it can permanently ruin your brain. For example if you’ve been off all illegal stuff for a year but still have psychosis, you basically have schizophrenia. Also it can depend on if you had genes for sz already, certain drugs can set those off and make you get sz.


I’ve been on medications for thirty years. My first major tranquilizer was Haldol. Then, I think about fifteen years ago, I was put on Geodon. Both med’s controlled my symptoms, but Haldol turned me into a zombie. Geodon has controlled my symptoms without deadening my intellect. I tried getting off my med’s recently, because I thought I was going to have to go back out on the street, and the medications took away my body’s ability to handle the weather. Major tranquilizers make you more susceptible to hypothermia in winter and hyperthermia in summer. I found out I quickly destabilize when I am coming off any major tranquilizer. I was seeing some of the old danger signals. Intense anger is one symptom of me coming off Geodon or Haldol. I decided I had to go back on my drugs. If I hadn’t I probably would have become psychotic, and when I went into the hospital they probably would have put me on a stronger drug, like maybe Haldol. God I hate Haldol. That’s the undesirable outcome you face when you come off your drugs: you become psychotic, and they put you on a stronger major tranquilizer. I’ve been through drill before. It’s easy to start to see your med’s as punishment, and not therapy. That’s a delusion you want to fight. I’ve decided that living on the street isn’t an option for me. Even if I did come off the med’s without getting seriously sick, I would probably be one of those people you see standing on the street corner shouting to himself on skid row.


my psychosis started after tyring some shrooms i found growing in the garden… i mistakenly treated them like weed and took doses daily, maybe a hundred a day floatin in the tea… it wasnt long till the paranoia set in that i had a camera in my head, etc, even when i stopped the shrooms the delusions continued, i was hospitalised and medicated and weaned off them cuz i got better. next mushroom season, same thing happened. and the next year i think, but then i started doing the legal highs from the headshops, the following year, and the year after that. all the time going psychotic and getting hospitalised and medicated. then the trauma happened. i had been going through trauma the whole time tho, the reason i was doing drugs was to forget about this ■■■■ i was repressing, this horrible ■■■■ i went through nobody should go through, but i repressed it. but the last time it happened i realised, and looked back and it all came flooding back. thats the first time i heard voices. was hospitalised, i collapsed into the hospital bed screaming ‘im hearing voices telling me to hang myself and i cant take it anymore help me!’ and once i got better from that i was on an injection along with pills. i had to take the injection, i couldnt stop it on a whim so it kept me regularly medicatied. my opinion of medication had changed, i was takin my pills daily too. 2 years later and i dont even see the psychiatrist anymore, just the community nurse for a monthly injection and a check up. things are going well, but i suspect it could be drug and trauma induced. i cant tell them though because what has happened is unbelievable. im glad i can talk to you guys about it . but yeah i dont think ill be telling the psychiatrist any time soon, or the nurse. i keep to myself and say everythings good. i cope with it myself. i will get over it eventually, i tell myself i dont need their help.


are u calling me it? it may be the paranoia though


@willyg I’m so sorry man i didn’t know what you are a man or woman and i don’t speak English very well because i’m not from U.S or U.K do you understand now? Also i was not talking with you, i was talking to Andrey another member here, do you understand now? Thank you in advance for understanding, MAN !!!


oh ■■■■! sorry julian! i understand now, understood, i really was confused just and its probably the paranoid shcizophrenia at work , so sorry! i dont think you mean me bad lol i was just confused af lol