Long-Acting Injectable Beats Pills To Head Off Early Psychosis Relapse

August 11, 2015. The long-acting injectable (LAI) form of the antipsychotic risperidone is better at preventing relapse and controlling breakthrough symptoms after a first episode of psychosis than the traditional oral form of the medication, reports a new clinical trial led by Keith Nuechterlein and Kenneth Subotnick of the University of California, Los Angeles. The new findings appear in the August issue of JAMA Psychiatry.



It would make sense that a more continuous form of medicating works better than the uneven presence of pills.

I for one hate needles and going to appointments. I prefer the pills.

I was stable for a number of years on the LAI form of Haldol. They couldn’t give me as much Haldol in the time released injectable form as they could orally, which was a blessing. I would rather have a broken leg without pain killers that take 40 mg a day of Haldol. When I was on the time released shot I was totally demoralized. Life was very grey. Thank God for the atypicals. Now I am stable on Geodon and Seroquel, and I am mostly happy.

Juat pump it into your veins already.

I am only well now because of injectable Clopixol
I was very bulimic and took nine months of trying me out on different things before I stabilised

Then, realising what meds could do for me and letting them work out a good (not the very lowest - not far off that but best for symptoms) dose and knowing I want to take them religiously and remember with an alarm and never miss a dose
Because I know how important it is I’m now taking oral, it works out better for side effects, I used to get drowsy after the shots for a couple of days

After my fifth hospitalization I was put on injections of prolixin. I was still abusing drugs at this point in my life (LSD, Shrooms, Weed and Alcohol mostly). I had stopped the prolixin in May after maybe 4-5 injections and was off my meds completely. I was taking hallucinogenic drugs pretty often, and it wasn’t until January of next year that I was hospitalized again.

The prolixin injection, as terrible the side-effects were for me, had a long lasting effect that kept me out of the hospital for 8 months despite abusing psychosis-inducing substances that whole time. Not recommending going this route, but when I stopped my saphris pill and took LSD one time it hospitalized me right away. Just to put things in prospective a little bit. Once again NOT advocating hallucinogenic drugs in any way, but just saying…even though I was doing those, I was kept out of the hospital thanks to my prolixin injections for quite an amount of time. That said I’m about 15 months free from those hallucinogens I speak of, and it’s been 19 months since I’ve been on meds and since my last hospitalization.

Oh and FTR I’m on abilify injections now every month and they work great.

I find my LAI (risperdal consta) has virtually stopped the weird, intrusive thoughts and whilst not stopping the paranoia has reduced responding as a result of it. It has also stopped the thoughts(? was as though being put in head) that flashed through my head that were unconnected and unrelated to my main train of thought It has not helped my drive,goal directed and motivation issues though.

**Injections all the way for my son!