New Study: A comparison of the effectiveness of risperidone, haloperidol and flupentixol long-acting injections in patients with schizophrenia


According to the results of this observational study, we suggest that the effectiveness of Risperidone Long Acting Injectable is not superior to that of First generation antipsychotic medications (haloperidol or flupentixol) Long Acting Injectables, but that Risperidone Long Acting Injectable might have fewer adverse effects.


I love my flupenthixol depot. Has been an absolute life saver. I can appreciate why some folk are nervous about using typical said but this depixol, for me, has been a game changer.

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It is cheap too.

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I’ve been on Clopixol Depot in the past for about two years. It was excellent for helping with the positive symptoms. It was what I could afford at the time and what my psychiatrist recommended at the time. The side effects included heavy sedation and sexual dysfunction.