Lonely.....so lonely

I attend a local support group for Asperger’s… I have quite a few friends I met through them. We do zoom meetings now and chat in facebook groups. Maybe there is something similar near you? Online friendships are nice but it’s nice to have friends who live nearby too. I don’t seem to really connect with the people who go to my church since they seem to kind of look down on people that can’t raise families.


I hate that too, they ask me whats my job, what I am studying, if I have a partner or if I am married, etc


No one at my Church (parish), ever asks or has asked me about my job or what job I retired from or asks if I am married or even dating anyone. Never. As a matter of fact no one ever does, not even outside the Church.

Am I that obviously MI that people just assume I don’t have all these things?


I have zero friends. Sz.com serves as my social outlet. Them and my VA psychiatric team. Also my piano teacher. Also my wife, of course.

That all seems to be enough for me.


i would love to be your first subscriber.go for it.

im always lonley.nothing new


yeah i knew it im too crazy.im not getting messages from anyone.


If you meet someone, somehow, and you think they are pretty nice, you can tell them your phone number. Talking on the phone can foster a friendship. Also, you can get a set of business cards with your phone number and email address on them and give a card to people you meet.


Op I’m in the same boat

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