It is dark and quiet
only myself alone
feeling total emptiness
without anybody to talk with
as it has been in so many nights
sometimes missing others
to communicate with
to socialize with
but nobody is here
except me, myself alone


Is this a poem? Great job

Yes, it is a poem. It is how I am feeling now.

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It’s better to be alone than be with someone who makes you feel miserable.


Good poem it really hit home!:grinning:

Good poem. But I’m sorry you’re so lonely. That’s really hard to deal with. Do you have family that you can get together with?

Everybody is sleeping. I am just awake. The poem is how I am feeling now, alone in my lonely night. I am often alone and so I am used to it. I am glad we have this forum.

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Oh good. I’m glad you’re ok. Sometimes being alone at night can be a nice reprieve from a busy and harsh world

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hi mjseu. i hope you find comraderie here on the forum. i often do.

beautiful poem. beautiful sentiments.

hugs to you. judy

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