Talking alone

Nobody else is here
but alone as always
wanting to talk
but to whom
as it has been for years
writing down my thoughts
my journal is my friend
not feeling so lonely
even when here is nobody
maybe I should talk to nobody
so many out there in the world
even nobody is somebody
we are not alone.


I like your poem @mjseu, it is beautiful


Beautiful poem. This really spoke to me since I live alone as well. I do have my little dog so I often speak to her and she tilts her head from side-to-side as if she is listening to me. :slightly_smiling_face:


Aw that’s so sweet Moonbeam.

With me, my cat is more needy in the mornings as she’s been alone all night. So I have miaow conversation with her! Sometimes.


There’s probably thousands of people just-like-you around the world it’s just finding them is a pain.

I wrote a website to help people find people who believe the same things. You get a quiz and you complete the quiz and are directed towards a forum where you can discuss with people who are just like you.

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I can’t be alone for long without getting anxiety. It is much more mature to feel lonely. Instead, I have to constantly reassure myself that I’m ok. :disappointed_relieved:

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I really enjoyed your poem, @mjseu .

I don’t get lonely as much as I used to, thankfully.


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