Lithium oratate and schizoaffective disorder(mania/depression/schizophrenia)

I have schizoaffective dissorder which is a combination of mania and schizophrenia. Right now the only things i am taking are the invega sustenna shot and a lithium oratate spray. I take the invega shot for my mania and lithium oratate for my depression. I just cant stand being on all the medication that turns me into a zombie. But so far this invega shot and lithium ortate alone are taking my life in a great direction. The only side effect that i notice from the invega shot are i get a little drowsy the day of the shot and i have an increased appetite for a week after the shot(but otherwise im losing weight overall each month). I take it monthly 156mg or somewhere along those lines each month. Its extended release so its lasts all month and has done a great job as far as keeping my mania under control/side effects go. I originally thought that the lithuim oratate would only help my depression/mania but ive found out that it helps with my schizophenia as well. I get depression, bad thoughts, voices, thinking people are talking about/interpret words people say as negative things against me and lithium oratate has helped with all of these symptoms. I just started taking lithium oratate about two months ago but now i cant function without it. I take the liquid form of lithium oratate which is fast acting(it can take up to a month for you to start noticing the benefits of it).

You can take it under the tongue(which i do) or via nasal passage. If you have schizophrenia take lithium oratate, it might end up being as beneficial for you as it has for me. It also helps with mood swigs(when im feeling slightly manic at the end of the month from my shot). I was feeling slightly manic toward the end of the month after my shot and a half an hour after i took lithium the manic feelings went away. The only thing is that the website where i buy the lithium from says to only take it 5 days a week. I was instructed to take it 7 days a week by my nurse practitioner because i dont just have mania but schizophrenia as well. You take it twice a day, two sprays each dose. It has worked wonders for me. Everyone in my life has noticed a difference in the way i am, lithium oratate has worked that well for me(speaking in different tones instead of just monotone, being more possitive in how i present myself, that kind of thing). is where i get the lithium oratate spray from. Its called," symmetry lithium oratate spray". If you feel like all your meds are doing is making you zombified and barely helping then talk to your doctor and see what you can do to get this combination of meds. It has made each day a lot brighter and without all the side effects of the other meds. I know that everyone is different when it comes to side effects and meds but it couldnt hurt to try.

One last thing, it might get worse before it gets better with lithium oratate(i had increased bad thoughts for a couple weeks after i started) but i interpreted that as my brain healing itself with the lithium and i turned out to be right. So keep on with the lithium and things will get better once your brain heals some.

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A 1979 study found that its use may in fact be harmful to kidney function compared to lithium carbonate.[5]

Do you think lithium carbonate is better for you than lithium oratate? You have to take toxic levels of lithium carbanate for it to work not with lithium oratate. I would like a link to that study if you can find it too.
edit i found what the “study” did:
Safety of low-dose orotate

orotate has received only minimal evaluation in terms of its safety.
One 1979 study in rats found it more harmful than the conventional form
(lithium carbonate) to the animals’ kidneys.Smith That study seems to have brought an end to scientific study of the orotate approach.

was it a fair evaluation? Do the math, a reader says: “the authors
cite a dose of 2 mmol/kg of Li. That translates to 14 mg/kg, or >750
mg for a small adult!” Thank you, Peter. In testing lithium orotate,
the investigators selected a dose roughly equivalent to the full adult
human dose (e.g. 1500 mg in a larger adult).

They did a study with rats and they gave the rats the same amount as a full grown human…seems like someone doesnt want the cheap lithium oratate to be a cure all, but they want to keep people in bondage to lithium carbonate as you have to take toxic doses of it for it to do anything meaning more side effects and more taking man made drugs to cure those side effects(means more money for them).

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My very smart psychiatrist was against me going on lithium carbonate - I frankly don’t know enough about lithium oratate but I doubt if it is much healthier than taking lithium carbonate.
She was against me going on lithium again, because she said that lithium damages the kidneys and will mess up my thyroid levels again - giving me hypothyroidism one more time.
Any form of lithium is going to be hard on the kidneys - I am doing OK mood wise, glad I listened to my doctor and did not take the lithium

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You need to take toxic amounts of lithium carbonate for it to work. Not so for lithium oratate. :“Lithium orotate is very different than the other forms of the mineral. Whereas pharmaceutical drug forms of lithium require high doses to penetrate our cells, lithium orotate is only needed in extremely small serving size, considering the fact that a massive amount of the mineral penetrates the cell (approximately 97%). The other great news is that unlike its pharmaceutical counterparts, lithium orotate is non-toxic, safe, has little to no side effects, and works on 70% to 80% of people who use it”.

Like I said, I don’t know enough about lithium oratate - I doubt that it is 100 percent safe - few drugs are.
I do know that taking lithium carbonate can be toxic - I was on it for decades - it destroyed my thyroid functioning, and started doing damage to my kidneys, I am sure

I’ve noticed a big difference in my mood and haven’t considered killing my self since taking lithium orotate. I feel really good, it’s great. Life seems brighter.

I’m not really suicidal , but sometimes I think I’m better off dead, but I’m sure the lithium orotate has helped with that.

I love lithium. :slight_smile:

I really liked lithium until I went toxic and had a heart incident. The dr thought I overdosed but I took it exactly as prescribed. I was sick for months after that. Then I had to go through all the work of finding another med. Now I take rexulti, saphris, Lexapro, Topamax and Ativan. stay alive fren

edited to add Cogentin and prasosyn