Lithium Carbonate or Orotate

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Lithium is used primarily as a mood stabilizer, and you may need additional medication to help with your anxiety and paranoia.
Lithium Carbonate has been used for a very long time and doctors are much more familiar with it than with lithium Orotate.
Lithium Carbonate is just as effective as any other form of lithium.

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Thank you for the answer @Simonw :slight_smile: . I have Zyprexa with the other meds but it never really helped my paranoia, idk why…

Your paranoia could be caused by anxiety and spending a lot of time at home thinking about stuff.
Olanzapine didn’t help my paranoia either.
I think Chlorpromazine is the best anti-paranoia medication and I have been on it 9 years.

Its definitely a big problem that I spent so much time at home, but I have no more the strength to cope alone with the paranoia… Thanks for the advice for the ap but I became a guinea pig a bit too, I am tired of the aps… Well see again what we can do more on 20th November. I guess there cant be miracles from the meds after so much time being alone, I feel as a prisoner now who should discover everything again. I am not sure if its possible to do it after so much time… But with the lithium, the sensation to cant breathe because of the anxiety is a bit lessened for the moment.