Why the lithium made me even more anxious?

Idk why meds supposed to calm down, make me more anxious and nervous and agitated…
Whats your opinion on lithium? Why it has the opposite effect on me lol? :confused:
Ok, i have negatives on one side, but on the other side i am quite paranoid and anxious… I tried lithium for two months and it never brought me a calm, i dont understand why?..

Some drugs just don’t help.

My old pdoc said we (UK) are perhaps 5 years away from personalised medicine.

It’s basically a test that determines what drugs work with your body.

He cited Canada as an example.

Not sure about it, but we’ll see what happens in the next few years.

Ok, thank you, dear for the answer…
I just dont understand why i have so adverse reactions to meds, supposed calming… I guess i am not only paranoid, but quite anxious too… Even my body is in pain from worries :confused:
Two months on lithium is supposed to be enough to see improvement? I didnt see any, i just turned even more somatic and worried… Not a calm for my mind at all, really :confused:
The zyprexa doesnt even put me to sleep either, idk why i respond like this on heavy calming meds… Only klonopin works a bit for me on my worries and on relieving the pain of my body…

I had sleep issues that lasted a few months.

The drug they gave me in the end was Levomepromazine (Nozinan) 50mg at night and that worked for me.

It’s the first time in years that a drug actually got me to sleep and stay asleep

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Lithium is a mood stabilizer, its to prevent mania and depression. You have schizoaffective disorder? I took lithium supplement and they made me very slow and have cognitive issues like memory loss. Benzodiazepines and melatonin are good for sleep. CBD made me sleepy and many here say it helps with anxiety.

My doc said, that i am paranoid sz with mostly negative symptoms… But my paranoia is tough, yeap, the anxiety too… But i get depressed yeap. Antidepressants increase my anxiety and make me agitated too…

How many did you try? You need to try a lot to find one if you really have depression and not negative symptoms. There is nothing for negative symptoms sadly.

Hey @Anna1
Lithium didn’t really help balance my ups and downs.

It also depends on which dose you are on?

What it did give me was hypothyroidism.

I stopped taking it years ago.

But why i am the only one on earth for gosh sake, who gets anxious on a lithium (supposed to be calming)?
My body is in pain now, plus i lack energy… I am almost nauseous from pain…

Klonopin is good for anxiety, its a benzodiazepine. Try other benzodiazepines and see which one is better?

Thank you for thinking about me @Aziz. My doc allows me to take klonopin, even every day lol… Its my benzo yeap, i tried others… But i wish i could do it without benzos too… Plus it helps, but not enough to regain in a happiness, feelings or a life… But yeah, i am prescribed klonopin, but maybe its not enough…

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I have these too, there is no meds for these yet, my psychiatrist said so too. Its negative symptoms of schizophrenia, not anxiety.

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But i have anxiety too aziz… Yeah, my doc kept saying for years too, that theres no med for the negatives… But she was also saying, that her goal is to lower my fears, in which she didnt succeed… My body is in pain from worries aziz… Do you lack energy too? hell…

Yes, I stay in bed all day. I used to sleep all day 15+h/day but now drink coffee many times a day and am able to not sleep during the day staying on this forum. I still stay in bed all day though.

Sorry you have anxiety, I only have severe negative and mild cognitive symptoms with 10% positive symptoms.

I see for you, aziz… Yes, i can be so scared, that i cant stand on my feet by fear… My feet get weak and with no energy… I should hide then… some aps made even worse my fears tbh… So thats why its complicated here- i am paranoid on one hand and on the other - with negatives… If i work on the one, the other side gets worse… But i would prefer the negatives… My paranoia is so tough, that i dont answer my phone often by fear of problems or fear just from the people… My doc was saying, that the main is to lower my fears, but it didnt happen really…

Lithium can make you feel “shaky” which adds on to anxiety.

So you have positive symptoms now? Your antipsychotic is not working?
Try Risperdal. If nothing work your last hope is Clozapine.

Well lithium has salt in it or is a form of salt like I’ve herd. So I would say that that might be what’s making you think that brah.

Yes, i have positives… I tried clozapine, it made worse my fears…
I tried 11 aps for ten years, isnt it enough?

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