List 3 realistic things you hope to accomplish today

read the bible 3 more times

pray at least after every meal

visit the church in my community

Clean my apartment
Do laundry
Watch movies

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  1. pick up prescriptions and otc meds
  2. drop off some paperwork for my brother at his work
  3. get some groceries

Also lotsa other potential small tasks to do like play with my cat, vacuum, laundry, stretching, start working on taxes…

I am just going to keep being the amazing me that I am.

Going to fast 7 days.

Going to wait for an interview offer for a job.

Nothing else.

I will try to prepare for job interviews. But it’s not easy.

1 For exercise two times thirty minutes on my Concept2 rower, half an hour of Vinyasa yoga, try for 8000 steps walking, 24 push ups
2 Phone Mom
3 Do my laundry

i hope to destroy planet earth

i hope to destroy planet earth

i hope to destroy planet earth with a drill

Vacuum the apartment
Take out the garbage
Go to the grocery store and the mailbox


Sounds about as exciting as my day x

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LS! For tomorrow:
1 Fast all day just tea, coffee and about forty dietary supplements
2 For exercise half an hour Vinyasa Yoga and twenty minutes on my Concept2 rower
3 Phone Mom

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Take a blood test.

Walk my brothers dogs.

Buy soy milk.

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  1. I sat on my glasses yesterday… Getting them fixed hopefully at local optician this morning
  2. get junk out of car and maybe drop off bottles
  3. install new back windshield wiper on car

Walk with a friend.
E-mail a lady from church.
Clean the living room and kitchen.

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  1. upload all my artwork to my website

  2. talk to my new psychiatrist at 10:30, im terrified

  3. pack my backpack early

  4. remember to take my meds

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I had my kid here, walked with a church friend and baked bread. Good day.

I will now cook dinner, do the dishes and sleep.

  1. Already showered after ten days ago.
  2. Doing laundry right now.
  3. Will sweep the living room floor.
  1. Sort out my finances, pay bills
  2. Clean kitchen
  3. Write some stories
  1. reupload patreon artwork for hd

  2. post the new artwork

  3. go outside and drink tea

brush my teeth
go to sleep early