Life unsure but I am not afraid

I don’t know what exactly will happen within a year’s time with me and Angie, she is still acting like she’s not happy…and hurting me while she feels like that which is wearing on me…anyways…I am happy anyways. I am not going to let anything affect my happiness. I am content with who I am. I wish Angie would be more loving but I think the way she was raised she doesn’t think she is doing any wrong by shutting me out every afternoon and evening…she is up until around 3 pm each day before she stops playing bingo and goes to her room for the night, not wishing to be disturbed…then there’s also the fact that she doesn’t sleep with me…we have seperate beds…I don’t know what life has in store but like I said, I feel happy whatever happens…

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I’m sorry you’re feeling insecure in your relationship.

I know you care a lot for Angie so I hope things work out.

I’m sure she’s just still upset from the argument you guys had earlier this week.

Didn’t know you guys had different rooms.

Has it always been like that?

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I’m glad you’re happy, but I’m sorry about Angie. My husband and I spend our “off” time together, even if we are just sitting in bed together doing separate things. Can you talk to her? Maybe you can be even happier if a few things would change.

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@anon54386108 no we used to sleep together but she said she didn’t like my snoring so she moved to another bedroom with a queen bed there too…I guess I’m not really minding that, I meant we don’t have sex anymore…hard on me…I really miss sex…and being romantic too don’t get me wrong…

@Happy_H we talk each day and she loves me just not much right now…

I’m glad to hear you are staying positive! I hope things can improve with Angie. You are a very kind person ((hugs))

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Have you talked to her about the sex?

I kind of lost interest in sex after becoming medicated,

After about a year my husband talked to me.

Not to be mean about it, he just missed the intimacy and sex.

It was very genuine.

After that I was more aware and made an effort to initiate more often.

Now we have a semi normal sex life for a couple married ten years.

I’m sure he would love to do it more, but we’re still doing it and that’s what matters.

Maybe you could just have a non accusatory, heart felt conversation with her about it and she how she feels,

She could miss it too, you don’t know.


Man that’s tough @jukebox.
You guys should really sit down and have a heart filled talk.

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@anon54386108 no she has self esteem problems and is freaked out by sex because she was raped as a young teen years ago…we hardly kiss and never french…so I can’t even get any intimacy through kissing…plus she is kind of over weight so it’s hard to have sex last time we tried…I just have to be patient…she’s someone I care about very deeply and want to take care of her but I don’t know if she feels the same anymore…which is making me not sure if I feel the same anymore…we talk a lot but it may be too late for us…time will tell…

@Wave we talk all the time…thanks…

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Maybe it’s over. And that’s ok. You’re right, time will tell. I’m glad you’re still caring towards her, I wish she could be that way towards you too, no matter what. If things do come to an end there doesn’t have to be a bad guy, you can peacefully go your separate ways. But I’m glad you feel happy even in the face of this situation.

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@Leaf thank you very sound perspective you have…

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well it’s official…I cornered Angie in her bedroom and asked her if she still loved me…she went on a long solilioquy about trust and the reason she doesn’t love me anymore…

it’s over…just waiting for when she is going to move at this point.

Sorry it went down like that.

Do you really think its over,

Did she say that it is?

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I’m so sorry @jukebox

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@anon54386108 yes, it’s over…she will probably go to her ex husband who she gets to talk to all the time…

@Leaf thank you so much…it’s o k…

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Sorry, man.

Break ups suck,

But you seem to be handling it well.

At least you can talk to your ex wife now, I guess.


I’m so sorry she said she doesn’t love you anymore. Why can she talk to her ex and you can’t talk to yours? That’s a double standard and it’s not fair. I’m glad you’re ok if you really are. It’s good to be able to adjust and find contentment no matter the situation if you’re able to do it. I’m not so sure I’d be so strong.

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well if she isn’t feeling sad about it I sure as hell am not…she acts like this dealbreaker that I laid on her is just…I don’t agree…so I’m rather pissed right now…don’t think I will change my mind about being ready for the break up if that’s what actually happens if she is going to be so light hearted about it.

Big ((hugs))
I’m sorry you need to put up with that. :disappointed_relieved:

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