Life on Meds


I don’t remember how I felt starting APs because that was 34 years ago. Over the years I’ve been on many APs, both typical and atypical. I’m currently taking Seroquel 600 mg.

It’s no exaggeration for me to say that APs have saved my life.


I’ve had a tough life because the meds don’t cure my condition as well as others. I finally found a decent med that I sort of enjoy taking called vraylar.

My delusions are still there. I still have positive symptoms but I’m stable. I’ve never hallucinated except when falling asleep. I’ve heard stuff.

I drink 4 energy drinks a day which might be worsening my symptoms but I’m addicted. I either have chronic depression or severe negative symptoms.

When I don’t take my meds, I start thinking nothing exists or nothing is real. My anxiety goes up.

I believe meds reduce my motivation to a point where I cannot focus much or work. Off meds, I almost got a job but became extremely paranoid. That was years ago.

I’m at the point where I believe my brain has become accustomed to meds and I’m better on them than off them.