Life is beautiful

I had a lovely visit with my granddaughter. But towards the end she became upset and we could do nothing to stop her from crying. As her parents arrived I called out to them that we could not get her to stop crying. Her dad rushed to her side to comfort her. But still she cried. Nothing he did would stop her from crying either. Once her mother made it to the house she lovingly grabbed the baby and instantly she collapsed into her mother’s arms and stopped crying. She just rested her head on her mother’s chest and rested silently. Then her mother held her out to gaze at her and the baby smiled the brightest smile ever. She missed her mom. Life is beautiful.


There is no replacement for one’s own Mom. So many kids have to settle for less.


Awe. You’ve won the internet for today @Leaf. So much with smell etc that babies have those instincts! So glad you had a good visit!! Well done you.

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