Life is a gift

life is a gift,

we are given life and we are alive

we live our lives to the best of our abilities

and then when we are old we move on.

what is life all about.

its a bit confusing but i am grateful for this life
even if it wasnt meant to be


Right there with you Daydreamer

Can I get amen… :clap: Thank you in the back.

The more I heal, the more grateful I am.

My Sz made me this way, and It’s been a long hard road, but in the here and now…

I’m starting not to hate myself.

The more I don’t hate myself for being ill, the healthier I feel.

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Agree to disagree.

I think it’s nothing but a curse.

its only a curse if you make it a curse

try and be more optimistic

the glass isnt half full its over flowing (thats my philosophy anyway)

i think thats how i survived so long because even tho i was ill i was still optimistic


Jesus Christ, i just realized this topic was created 1 day before i went schizophrenic. Wow, yeah, what a gift :disappointed: