Let's see your guitars!

they vary. Mine were not that expensive.


Simplest of Guitars… I used to play a lot before looking at Songsterr…not getting time nowadays… I am not a proper guitarist but an aspiring one…


Guitars come in all price ranges @Loke

You’d be surprised! People will pay top dollar for them. tens of thousands of £

I got a £500 electric guitar for £250 next to new, but i am a beginner and didn’t want to get something I may never use.

It meets my needs though and is great!

Epiphone and Squier are sister comapnies to their main business of fender and Les Paul who make chepaer buit good quality versions of their top products at reataively cheaper prices.

They look the same, but aren;t the real deal.

However, for beginners like me they are ideal!

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Lovely, I adore the finish of the black electric one!

The acoustic looks like my fender acoustic!

Why not post some of your licks in the Raw Guitar thread? :slight_smile:

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Here’s my banjo. :banjo:


She is a beaut!

how often are you playing ‘her’?

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Thanks! I bought her during the pandemic but could not find anyone in my area to help teach me how to play it. I checked out some videos online, but I think I really need a 1 on 1.

Right now I’m just trying to learn a few chords.

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I started with youtube and then a fender app.

It taught me a few chords. Now i make my own tunes. I have been playing 4 months and had a 3 month hiatus thanks to avolition, but I am back now.

Surely there are some banjo teachers online?

Plus, please don’t excuse yourself from practice because you think you need one to one. Best just to get on with it.

Getting something like this will take you leaps and bounds:

A5 Beginner Banjo chord Card, Double Sided, 48 chords inc maj, min, 7th, chart | eBay

It is a plastic sheet showing chord positioning. I have one for the guitar and it helps loads especially when starting out.

Perhaps, @jinx will have some tips. He plays banjo to a high level, i think?

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Thanks @labratmat!

Getting it out for this thread has me wanting to get going with it again. Thanks for the inspiration. I would really like to play some music.

This plastic sheet seems perfect. Right now I’ve been looking at chords online on my phone, which is a little unwieldy.

I’m always open to tips! Thanks.

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I am happy that I have inspired you. It is my intention to motivate people into playing and doing something.

I keep trying to get @bowens to do it, but alas I am faltering :smiley: