Let's do it again


LOL my reaction was that of a 31 year old and im 30. Almost spot on.

Very fun test

second time was 29 years old. This test seems legit XD

It’s great, @firemonkey has credit.

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the site asked me to do a survey

it was a brief and stupid test

said I was the age of a 90 year old

no way!

haha Daze XD …

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Didnt you get the car driving and then u had to click on the red sign when it came up?

Maybe you got malware on your pc and were redirected to somnething else haha

Try to click quickly when hand shows.

You should keep trying hard.Best I got is 28.I’m 44.

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Damn you quick XD

We’re not sure if you’re an actual human being. This is what I got lol

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I’m quite tipsy though, I really think I can do better than a human being. Cheers guys :beers:

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