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The lunch hour walk and evening tai chi turned into cleaning. I logged an hour and a half of cleaning. Sewer backed up in the basement. Today was a really gross, raunchy smelling day. Plumber came, fixed the problem, and we’re past the worst of it. Thank heavens we own a high-end carpet cleaner – it kept a problem from turning into a disaster.


I’ve lost 55 lbs since October. I’d still like to lose another 80 lbs. Unfortunately I lost the weight due to illness. I’m hoping it stays off once I get better. Here’s hoping.


Good morning folks it’s March 3rd here.

Let’s look at our lifestyle and see if we can make some further tweeks to it today.

We need to get SERIOUS about processed foods. It’s fake food for the most part and we are putting this fake food into our bodies, it doesn’t know what to do with it and often rebels with inflammation and stores it for later when it can figure out how to use it, most often it is stored as FAT…

We could go on and on of lists of foods to stay away from but I put the HEAVY HITTERS below, take a look see:

10 Processed Foods to Avoid

Could you identify at the minimum ONE to eliminate from your lifestyle this week? IF you can tell us which one you will eliminate and as a group we will support each other in this endeavor.

As for me, I am going to eliminate frozen dinners. This constitutes a large portion of my pitiful attempt at “cooking” with the microwave. Water and Exercise Polls for today to follow later on today.


I am down 2.2lbs from yesterday’s weight.


Bacon, margerine, and ketchup are keepers for me. I’m just limiting intake of them.

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That sucks @shutterbug . I’m glad it turned out ok

@anon10627598 im surprised, because I don’t eat anything on the list. But I do drink crystal light

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I eat far to much bread and bread is superprocessed. I change my diet of processed foods to raw cost and fruit, maybe i should get the blender out again. I will eat salami for meat. Since i cut the medication i got my emotional eating so much more in control. I going to snack on grapes,bananas etc…I think that sounds good, that way i have to go more shopping for fresh food and walk more. I cut out the beers already.


I went down 5 lbs in a month, but I started eating bad again so I gained 2 lbs back.

My goal for the next two weeks is to get on track again but mainly focus on eating healthier snacks since that`s one of the two places where a lot of my calories come from.

I’m totally down and just started mine 2 days ago on the 1st. I need to lose about 25-30 pounds. My logged weight on the 1st was 164.8 and my ideal weight range is between 134 to 137 since that is when I look my best. Any less than that and I’m too skinny. My goal is to lose 2-3 lbs per week which I’ve done in the past on the keto diet, but I’d still be happy with 1 lb a week since any progress at all is still progress in the right direction! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Good for you @melmel7! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I ate an entire block of halloumi last night and still weighed the same today, phew :joy:

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I am only losing about a quarter pound a week but I will take it especially since I lost about 10lbs already. My goal is about 180lbs.

I can’t do a lot of intense aerobic stuff because it hurts my joints too much and then I scarf out at night to deal with the pain. I can walk slowly though for quite a while.

I am focusing on getting adequate sleep because I noticed that I eat much fewer calories the next day after I sleep well. I am making sure I eat enough fiber every day through oatmeal, fruit and green veggies.


Can you do water exercises or use an elliptical? @keepsimple

Thank you @Wave! :slightly_smiling_face:

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We will cover how artifical sweetners act on the brain on a later date. Maybe that is what you want to reduce or eliminate…

Great attitude to have @Persia. Some weeks will be good and others won’t be, having a positive outlook is really half the battle.

Don’t really have access to a pool or gym right now because of covid lockdowns but might be possible in future… I almost always take the three floors of stairs at home which doesn’t bother me too much. Slow walking worked well for me in the past and I lost 40 lbs I gained from quitting smoking by walking 40 minutes slowly every single day. It’s been a bit cold to walk outside that long though but I might head back to the mall again soon… I like walking around large warehouse stores too.

The sleep is a keystone habit for me… the more I sleep the more I move and the fewer calories I eat which will hopefully set up a virtuous cycle.

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Water intake for March 3, 2021
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Exercise for March 3, 2021
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