Let's bring back meghilla g

He made us laugh with his own flavor.

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That’s right I remember him ! He wa a cool guy to have on the forum. I hope he’s doing ok.

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Lets petition with mods, everyone took him apart.

Bump. 151515151515

He was awesome but his complaints got a little repetitive. I mean like nothing wrong with complaining asking for help but don’t be too repetitive with the same issues unwilling to accept people’s advice.

I loved that dude though. We had sum stuff in common he had a good sense of humor.

He was very relatable, as a guy.

Wherever he is, he needs to come back.

I can’t begin to remember exactly what it was he did wrong.

I think he did a lot of sexist posts against women. Kind of needed to hear that ■■■■ at the time for my own self esteem. Even if it was the cost at more feminist posters. It helped me at the time to hear all perspectives

But I thought he might not last long.

Wait did he get banned or just quit.

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@MeghillaGorilla1 requested to have his account anonymized. He didn’t want to keep wasting time here. He didn’t get banned.


You know everything. What is the therapeutic dose for lamictal?

Your therapeutic dose depends on several factors including your metabolism, your body weight, gender, as well as other medications you may be taking. This definitely isn’t something that can be answered without knowing more information. Your prescribing physician will definitely be able to tell you with more accuracy.

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Estimate? I’m not caucasian.

Never, my jokes are the best.

sorry you don’t see all I’ve done

your problem.

It depends. In adults on no other meds, 300 mg is not a high dose when used to treat seizures. However, in bipolar disorder doses over 200 mg have not shown significant incremental benefit.

The so-called therapeutic level is but a guideline, and some patients may do better outside the usual range, but typically best between 100-125 mg twice daily, with higher more toxicity and lower, perhaps less potency.

Be sure to follow the titration schedule of your physician. Too rapid a titration increases the risk of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome or TEN. Most psychiatriasts evaluate these drugs by the level of mode stabilization and use levels to monitor for toxicity.

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I’m on 25mg and I feel great. How long will that last? Half life.

Also…how long till you get used to it and have to stop taking it? Tolerance.

Long term, how long do we have to keep taking it?

Acute vs maintenance?

Yeah he left because he said he was bipolar.

The half-life of Lamictal is ordinarily about 33 hours (presuming normal kidney function).

In a way, there does seem to be a waxing and waning effect of many seizure medications, and a drug that works well for years can become less effective with time. However, it is hard to predcit which individual would develop tolerance and after how long, as metabolism differs, depending on multitude of factors in every person.

As long as it is prescribed and closely monitored through blood work every 3-6 months and it is containing the symptoms.

Why are you taking Lamictal, and what benefits are being sought?

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I’m manic. Issues with working memory and executive function.

I’ve never heard of anyone on such a low dose of lamotragine. I really dont think it will impact u in the slightest.

Maybe I’m wrong. Google it or ask a professional

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