Lowering my Lamictal dose

My doctor wants me to stay at my current dose of Lamictal- 50 mg - I listened to her advice but I feel as if I am getting worse at this dose- just feel destabilized more. Last session with her she also said that I can experiment on my own and lower the dose down to a starter dose of 25 mg. it seems that I am worse off at higher doses, so starting tomorrow I am going to start lowering the dose eventually hitting 25mg and see how I do, if my chronic depression returns I will go back up to my current dose till I see her next. I have had enough of this drug


Do you experience constipation with this drug?

No, just added activation - stimulation which in turn makes me more destabilized - rapid mood shifts, irritability, increased anxiety and paranoia etc…

Good luck. Hope you find the right dose soon.

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Ive been considering lamictal for a mood stabilizer,I am not on any mood stabilizers nor have I ever tried one,
would you recommend it?

it sounds like it was giving you sensory overload ? I tend to get that as it is which is why I am a bit weary about trying it

Hi @levelJ1 - Lamictal in the very beginning of me taking it caused a lot of anxiety and was very stimulating, this was at 100 mg - the doctor lowered it to 75 mg and it was still very stimulating for me. I finally lowered it to my current dose, 50 mg and I am doing ok on it, but I still find it to be a bit on the activating side. I really have no choice, because typical antidepressants make me wired completely and manic/mixed. It is a pretty safe med, not so hard on the liver and is excellent for depression. The whole key is to start off pretty low and go up slow, this helps to avoid the Lamictal rash - their is a more serious rash (Stevens - Johnson syndrome) but this is pretty rare - Good luck with it!

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