Left hand vs Right hand... brain

Anyone here left handed on a certain thing for example guitar? play right handed but ur left handed. do u feel weird?? like… anxious playing itright haneded when u r left handed. even when ur by urself in ur room?

Im usually right handed, but funny thing is ive been using my left a bit more after my diagnoses…but still dominantly right handed. I switch around, but mostly noticed it when I use the laptop (with no mouse).

I’m left-handed for most things. Playing guitar is one example of something I do right handed though

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But like do u ver get that weird voice or instinct in theback of ur mind. to like… idk how to explain… i just get so nervous even when im by myself playing right hand. im decent on right. but the instinct says i can play left as much as i want cause im left dominant… weird right?

to be honest I don’t think it’s something I’ve thought much about. I don’t think I’d be able to play even at a low difficulty level left handed though. It’s kind of weird

Blush…Either one gets the same result.