Are you a Left- or Right-handed?


I’m a right-handed…
A weird thing that happens to me where I mistake my left-hand to be my right-hand and the other way around, I had this problem since my childhood, I can use both hands almost the same way, but the right hand is still a little more flexible.


I’m right handed…


i am the same, and can play pool changing hands ,depending on the shot, it freaks people out for some reason !
take care


I’m right-handed.

When you stretch out your legs + hold your toes with your hands - then cross your arms and switch the hands that are holding your toes - it can get very confusing.


I’m like , most people, right-handed.


I am left handed. I used to write with my left hand on the left side of the paper and switch to the right hand when I got to the right side. Then when I started school my parents told me to use my right hand. Upon figuring that out, I switched to left hand in 6 grade. Now I use both for art, and write with my left but both hands are adequate I just like the bubbly writing my left hand does better than the uneven writing my rt hand does.


Do you do art with both hands at once?


I have before, but usually I just focus on one section and switch hands to accomidate the correct angle and feel it needs. I enjoy creating abstract art and asking it what color it feels like it needs and let my hands gravitate to it


Somethings I prefer my left hand, like picking up small things, digging in the mud(don’t ask) and sweeping the hardwood floors.
I can write with both hands, just it’s more legible with the right.


I was born left handed but when I was a small child and favored my left hand my mother would smack me and make me use my right hand. She didn’t want me to be different. She was a good woman and tried her best.


I’m right handed but I can’t tell left from right.


I’m mostly left handed. But I used to write so manically that I would switch hands and keep going.

I’m Right handed for drawing.


I used to use borh hands until I broke my left hand. I never got back the ability to write and draw with my left hand. But I can kick a ball with both left and right foot. I can play bandy both ways. I was a right when I played hockey. When I was a goalie I had my stick in left hand and the glove in right. It made many players confused.


Strongly left handed.


My son is left handed.
The ability to use both is called ambidextrous.


It’s been said that the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body and the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body…

so could we argue that only left handed people are in their right mind? :smiley:

I woke up so silly today. It’s snowing outside right now. It’s not a normal Seattle thing, so I get so giddy when it snows.


I am right handed, my right hand is way stronger than my left.


I am left handed for writing and eating. For almost everything else, I’m right handed. (Oh, I also knit left handed)


We all drum with both hands so who’s to say! Maybe a all right or all left isn’t schizophrenia rather byway and mismatched? Thanks


right handed, cant do ■■■■ with my left hand. Literally, probably cant wipe my ass with it. LOL