Layed down for an afternoon nap

And had a horrible nightmare.
I was carrying two garbage bags full of plastic bottles to recycle. I got lost and found myself near some people in a lightly wooded area. I was tired of carrying the bags and wanted to go home so I called out, “Anyone want to buy these off me for a $1.00”? (they were probably worth $5.00). Simultaneously a guy jumped at the chance. but a LION appeared, 20 feet away. In real life I would have been out of my mind in fright. In my dream it was so realistic but the lion just stood there. In real life he could have attacked us in three bounds. But I started walking slowly away up a slope to get away. The lion followed but we were walking faster than him. The slope got steeper and steeper until it was almost vertical. And it was a sheer drop of a hundred feet, instant death if I slipped. Then it dead ended. It was too steep to climb back down and me and a couple girls were stuck. But we looked down and we saw the lion was stalking the guy who bought my bottles. The poor guy tried to climb a fence but the lion pounced, got the guys head in his mouth, and crushed his head in it’s jaws like a walnut. Then he ripped him to shreds. I was petrified and I told myself in my dream, “That’s enough”. And I woke myself up. I woke up very depressed, I’m just starting to feel better now.

OH 77NICK77 :open_mouth:

That is an awful dream. I’m sorry you didn’t sleep well. I hope you have a chance to feel better soon.

Sometimes I sleep worse in a quick nap then if I just stayed awake and passed out at bed time. I hope you don’t have bad dreams tonight.

lions represent courage and not only did you not panic when the lion appeared you kept walking and kept calm, and the cliff may represent life and how high you have climbed and succeeded…of course you managed to do this with the company of lets say two blond swiss backpackers…your a legend !
the scary dreams are sometimes the most profound…and can have great meaning/insight.
take care


Thanks kidsister…

Eeeew, yucky dream, hope tonight you have a better one.

Thanks darksith…

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