Late night coffee

Two and a half hours of lying here. Forget that caffeine has this effect every time.


That is why I do not have coffee in afternoons, just in the morning.

I’ve consumed so much caffeine that I can take 400 mg of it and go straight to sleep.

ooh! I have coffee only in the mornings! 8 am, that’s it. But I have to say, I’ve been sleeping without pills, it’s been one week! wow, it’s so unbelievable, it’s like a miracle :slight_smile: what made you have coffee so late? It’s good to do stuff when you can’t sleep, read, etc.


Just an impulse. Typically I don’t do that, but since I quit smoking I’ve been rewarding myself.

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yeah I understand. Try switching it to some tea if you like! Like camomile or earl grey :grin:

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It’s hard to top Starbucks. I just have to make it less of a routine and something I’ll get occasionally. Otherwise I end up getting carried away.

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yeah, I adore starbucks. I even wear their tshirts. My favourite is pumpkin spice latte :smiling_imp:

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I know one place in town that has a better mocha but nothing else really compares.

Dunkin donuts has pretty good iced coffees. A lot cheaper too.

yeah I used to go to Dunkin donuts a lot too back in my teenage years in Beirut but we don’t have it here. we have Tim Hortons and something called Vanille Francaise, it’s not bad :o)

What’s the best thing to do right after waking up?
Start talking about coffee.

There’s a Dunkin about a quarter mile from here.

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were you able to sleep well at least?

6 hours or so. I can’t remember the dreams but they were mild.

Still the cold is progressing. Lungs are getting congested and a cough is setting in.

Dunkin donuts has 9 flavors to put in their iced coffees. How the ■■■■ am I supposed to decide.

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