Late Date (More Professor Brothers) ( Swearing Involved! TW )


One person liked the Professor Brothers comic,

I demand everyone appreciate this video now!


“Miserable rat dicks.” LOL!

I love it. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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yes maaaam! 1515

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And then the weather turned to bull-■■■■

Made me laugh out loud

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the weather is nice here but not the

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I’ve seen this as a cartoon on a program years ago…I’m sure it’s the same one!

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I can’t believe ANYONE has seen it before.

I think it’s hilarious, I love Brad Neely,

But most people don’t care for the humor.

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Who hasn’t felt like this in a retail store?


Not quite my tempo.


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I’ll admit it’s not for everyone.

Thanks for trying!

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