Lastly, today is my six year anni of not smoking anymore


Thanks to my grandmother rest in peace today is six years anniversary of me quitting smoking for good. I’m glad of that lol I baked a cake.


I remember when you were counting the days toward the 1 year mark. Seems like you were going to buy a laptop.


and I’m proud of two months free of smoking? wtg desimb. you are just kicking ass and taking names today. I hope it was a tasty cake.!


Well done!

A cake is a nice way to celebrate.


How did you do it? My General Practitioner clearly wanted to have helpful input into my quit.

I’m coming up on six months free after the New Year. Honestly, I have a straw in my mouth right now as I type here.



That’s a display of powerful willpower,I had tried stopping gaming…but failed after some good try,now I just played game lesser…