Large walls of text

A lot of us have difficulty with large walls of text. My advice to help those who struggle with this(I include myself at times:): Break it down into smaller paragraphs.


Hearhear. No “postersauruses.”

No, I’m kidding. Reality is that I just don’t read posts when I’m not interested in them. Some people think that is condescending to the writer, but I prefer that they would not feel that way after I direct myself to something else to read instead. It is not fair.

Do you feel condescending when people write too much? Like that Postersaurus go that prowls around this forum sometimes writing two hole stinking pound papers.

Long posts are what article writers do not forum chatter, eh. Correct me if I’m wrong, FM. Let me know please. I had some issues with this earlier.

I just think we need to be mindful of the cognitive difficulties some/many? of us have.


long posts become harder for me but i try to follow. might be best to break it down.

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They are condescending unless they are broken down.

Personally I think it’s generous of the writer to even spend time writing one word for my favor, but to write many words is even more. For me to ask that the writer write it all again is like asking someone to say what I know already instead of me simply re-reading what I could not understand or quoting the text I was confused about to the writer who is obviously so generous as to be writing so much so consistently.

…but condescending nonetheless…or so I’ve been told, but maybe you differ. You don’t see to agree with this.

Personally when I find that text is difficult, I just hone my habit of looking up words or concepts online, or if the writer is handy, I’ll quote the part I was not familiar with, and try that way. These are my day to day habits as a writer/poster/researcher online as that is the majority of what I do as an sz person.

I’ve never gone to writers, and told them they put too many words, and I definitely have never admitted that I could not understand them unless I looked up the words or concepts online first without finding anything. That way I don’t feel bad for bother them about things I could easily look up. They don’t like that, but some of them do. I like it. I like being quoted, and then answering things. I’m a very social writer.

Writing it all down again is not the issue. Being courteous enough to acknowledge other people’s difficulties is .If you acknowledge that and post accordingly then you will not have to rewrite posts.

It also doesn’t help that a lot of what you post is verbose gibberish indicative of your being off your medication.


I don’t think condescension has anything to do with it in general. I just don’t like long posts. I tend to just ignore them. Sometimes I’ll try to read them but get distracted or lose interest. There are very few people I’ve seen that tend to have long posts that don’t ramble.

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The internet is full of long posts. There are far more writers of subject material that I don’t care about than there are writers of subject material that I’d read.

I tend to skim the material to find what is the main concept. If it is getting interesting, I will following all of the way through thoroughly and probably reply.

I don’t think that is abnormal. I think that’s whatever rebody in the world is doing.

I’m talking about this forum, not there entirety of the internet. :roll_eyes:

Oh yeah. I thought I’d mention the rest of the world too. Thanks. :hugs: Hehe.

I’m sorry @DMAdataANDmoodanalysis
but I cannot read your posts.
They are walls of cluttered ramblings.

It’s obvious to me that you are not doing well off of your medications.


@anon9798425 @ninjastar I have made my point which I believe was reasonable. A certain poster wishes to rail against this. This no doubt makes the thread combative and unhelpful which was not my intention. Feel free to close down the thread if necessary.