Keep it short please,

We are mentally Ill persons here with low span of concentration so please try to keep your post short and reveal your problems more clearly in next posts with others who respond to you, please make it a suggestion to others @ninjastar.


Some posters have no problem reading long posts. I can read long books. Something’s can’t be summed up in…100 words. If you can’t concentrate on a long post then ignore that thread imo and move on to the next one.


not all MI can’t read long writings… i can read any length until i get restless, which is different from concentration problems.

i know that i could communicate way better, though. Good suggestion to be more clear

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I have a problem with reading long posts if they’re not well written.
Especially if they’re not paragraphed properly, and they’re literally just a wall of text with no intent of making it easier on the reader.

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Nice advice, and congratulations about your ability to read long texts, if I could I was more happy, there is posts and posters which I love but I don’t have enough patience to read their posts, how ever it was an advice not a rule so no one will be offended.

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Sometimes I struggle too. Depends on the day. Sometimes my brain is shot and feels like mush, but many days I can read a lot!

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Wall of text means a lot to me.

We aren’t going to regulate someone’s posting style. Usually, when posters make large walls of text, it is because they’re in the middle of a crisis and don’t have the presence of mind to edit their post. During such times, the last thing a person needs is to be told their crisis was inconvenient for others to read.

Sometimes, when I want to read a long post but I’m having trouble following along, I copy it into a word document and add my own paragraph breaks.