Kind person

To the kind person who filled my tank today thank you so much. These last couple of days have been very trying and your kindness brought tears to my eyes thank you. It meant so much to me and it gave me hope. I knew god has sent you my way thank you. I was telling my kids how blessed we are. And how fortunate ae are to live here in the usa. With all the hurt anger and hate going on in the world god truly shinned through your act of kidness. I felt weak these last couple of daya but you reminded me there is still a god. God bless you.


Sounds like a nice person helped you out. One day you might get a chance to do the same! Take that opportunity and pay it forward!

The world would be a much better place if we all did one nice thing a week to others!


I love it when people are kind. I glad someone helped you out today!


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