KFC Fried calories

Had popcorn chicken and nearly two bags fries
Popcorn chicken was tasteless fries were cold feel way too full now and depressed yet I i have dinner in the oven not to waste food or maybe I’m comfort eating

I’m on a calorie controlled diet, so in theory I could eat all that, but probably couldn’t eat anything else all day.

KFC zinger burger is my favourite fast food. I don’t blame you for falling for the temptation of KFC.

Those famous bowls of theirs are so notoriously, shamefully amazing. I get one a couple times a month. My dog licks the potatoes out of the bowl when I’m done.

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Kfc is so much better than Popeyes. Now I want kfc.

mc donalds beat kfc anyway

big mac 4me…

all i’ve had is tomato soup and 3 bits of shortbread, 1 cup of tea and about 5 squashies sweets for dinner

i like burger king better than KFC though, i think they have a better selection and are tastier compared to macd’s, i’d like to go to BK tonight actually but i cant get there and i couldnt go myself.

I hardly ever go in Burger King,KFC,or Mac D . Get very self conscious when it’s busy. Last time I got KFC to eat at home I got home to find out they hadn’t give me what I ordered. Time before I went to eat in and had it practically thrown at me. Was not impressed either time.