Is the difficulty reading long paragraphs and trying to get the gist of things, a part of disorganization mentally?

I just wondered if that problem is part of being mentally disorganized?
I know I have problems with reading long posts and replying to them because I can’t summarize what all was said, into my head, and it can be kinda stressful from time to time.

It’s sometimes that the long post is disorganized it’s self

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That’s a good point, I guess on some level quite a lot of people have that problem perhaps?

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yea i have this problem

Yeah I like concise posts. If it looks like someone’s writing a novel…

Same here, it’s a lot easier for me to read a book at times, than posts people make.
With medicine, reading a book is easier than it used to be, too.

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If you’re reading books then its definately not on you that the posts are a strain to read

Huh, that’s true, I guess it’s just how someone typed out the post. I’m also the type of person who has a lot of an easier time absorbing information if I can imagine it into visuals in my mind, I guess it’s a little difficult to do so with online posts.

Yeah it’s not like imagining a movie or scene from a novel

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