Keep "borrowing" momey

I have to keep taking money from my moms cash stash. For tobacco and gas. Ive been on 0 dollars since the 18th. I feel bad but the money is their to be used by my dad mostly. I need to get gas today and will be taking a 20 dollar bill.


How much gas does $20 buy you in the US?

4.5 gallons. About a half tank for me.

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That’s cheaper than here.

4.5 gallons equals about 17 liters.

A liter here costs around $1.6.
17 × 1.6 = $27.2



How much have you borrowed so far? I’ve been leaning on my ex a bit for cigs and I got some laundry quarters. It’s like the third month in a row that I’ve been leaning on him throughout the month, then giving him a chunk of change to cover the expense when I get paid. I need to find a way to cut out some of my expenditures.

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I borrow borrow money off my mum pretty regularly. I hate doing it. I can rarely pay her back too.

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I have to wait till January till my loan is paid off. I am struggling from day to day for my stupid tabbacco addiction. Its the only medicine what works for me, it has sideffects too. Any psychomedication got unwanted side effects. Borrowing- paying off - borrowing and so forth. Before these healthfanatics wanted us to quit smoking my life had so much more normalty. What about sugar and alcohol ? Oh no, these are addictions religiously acceptable.

Like 100 to 120 bucks.

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I’ve got $15 to last me until the 1st, well, not exactly, I have a little extra I wiped off the books.

35 bucks here for 17 liter. Was around 41 bucks a few weeks ago.

Brb gon re mortgage the house to go drive to 711 for taquitos.

Edit. No house. :sob: re mortgages cardboard box :package: :heart_eyes:


Jeeze thats expensive! I wouldnt be able to afford tl drive

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So glad I work from home.

Yeah thats a blessing. I go through a lot of gas doing delivery. I make enough to pay for the gas. Generally about 60 miles a trip. And i make about 25 to 50

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How much are you losing when you factor in vehicle expenses?

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Im gaining. I make about 50 dollars everytime i go out for delivery. I use about 2.5 gallons of gas. Which is about 10 dollars a trip.

What are your vehicle expenses per trip? Insurance and wear and tear on vehicle? Your insurance company knows you do food delivery?

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They dont exactly know. It just doesnt cover if you get into an accident. Same as uber. They have their own insurance.

About 15 bucks in gas per trip.

It actually sounds like you’re not really gaining money all things considered.

You’re wearing your car out with each trip. Engine, tires, wheel bearings, etc. Have you figured out the cost of that? Also, if your insurance company hasn’t been informed then they can choose not to cover you at all in the event of a loss, including when you’re not driving delivery because you’re an entirely different risk profile than what was presented to them.

It’s called misrepresentation in Canada and it’s grounds for voiding an insurance contract.

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