Just saw a G.I. Joe toy on the ground

Who remembers playing G I Joe. I used to set up my army figurines Around my room and they would fight each other even though they don’t move or anything. I guess you got to get creative with your mind which kids don’t seem to have a problem doing


My sisters had Barbie dolls and i had G I Joe. Now they’re collectibles.


Oh wow I guess it wasn’t gi joe I’m thinking of

It was these but my mom used to call it gi joe

Cool I always keep any new collectibles now because I know someday they’ll be worth something


He’s a real American hero

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I used to watch a show and play a video game about green soldiers. Its called Army Men:



When my daughter was little there was lots of news coverage on the war. So to make her less scared, I bought GI Joes and we played a game where the GI Joes fought off the bad guys and made America safe. Then we’d switch over to playing Barbies to show we were still safe at home (theBarbie’s were in America). I’m not saying I had opinions about the politics of the war, im just saying I wanted to make her feel less afraid.


When I was growing up there wasn’t much war with America involved as far as we knew. Maybe in the early 90s there was desert storm. But the late 90s was very peaceful. In turn I played a lot of military games with no remorse. I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

Me and my friend Matt had so many games we played.

When I was 5 and 6 I was very preppy dressing. Although I loved hardcore stuff, I just went along with what my mom gave me to wear.

When I turned 7 I still remember first day of class when Matt greeted me we became instantly best friends. There was no pressure back then to be a certain way. And I could be myself. That’s why I was so happy from 7-10 years old. Matt became most of my life. He helped me. I relied on him for advice. He was a cool kid he had two way older brothers. But we played army and sports and boxing and wrestling.

Then in 4th grade they split up the districts/schools and we didn’t go to the same school

I had another friend Matt and he was a good friend till he moved back to Australia. I lost all 3 of my best friends in 6th grade I no longer had a best friend.

It’s interesting how were infouenced.

Sorry if that’s unrelated but your story reminded me of my friend Matt

You sound like such a great mother @ZmaGal

I’d like to go find my army figurines now.

I used to play GI Joe with my stepbrother.

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Thanks @Jonnybegood :slight_smile: I’m sorry your best friend changed schools. That must have been hard on you. And then your other friend moved. That’s so tough. I moved and changed schools several times. It makes it hard to have life long friends. I have friends that I met in adulthood though. I’m very grateful for my friends.


I have lifelong friends on the Internet

My longest enduring three friends are all from the web

15,16 and 20 Is how old I met them

I think I’m grateful to have a lot in common with them and maybe would meet one day with all of them. Plus, there’s two posters here I’m really close with. Me and zwolfgang make music and I think he’s a really cool dude!!!. Those are my 5 best friends probably outside family and pets

Currently mike is my only friend from real life but I hardly see him now because covid he lives in New York

My friend C left and moved and blocked me because he got engaged to a man who is jealous of him talking to other men. This just happened all in the last 2-3 weeks.

I’m hoping I can meet more people now in adulthood since I got my symptoms under control. Maybe at my next job.

I was symptomatic all through the 9 months working at my last job because I was on only 10 mg abilify, and because I hadn’t overcome my delusions yet

I can think so much clearer now

People went from treating me like a kid to a full grown adult in a matter of weeks

Wow! I’m glad you adjusted your meds if your treatment by other people is so different in such a short time. I’m glad you have friends. It really makes a difference for the better. I hope you can meet your online friends in person someday. That would be so cool.

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I just thought and I concluded that it’s impossible to live with the level of belief and importance of delusions that I had for a long period of time.

There was no way I could work there over a years time without having a breakdown

But after 8 1/2 months I had a breakdown. Partly because I wasn’t on enough meds and partly because I still had delusions

But I texted the girl at work some inappropriate stuff not inappropriate in like a sexual way but inappropriate in a work way

And she told my boss and she told me that she didn’t tell anyone. And then everyone at work started messing with me. Because I guess I told her I was sza and they didn’t fire me or ask if I was ok they were just ■■■■■■■■ and then the final day I had a real breakdown and I left and I told the boss I quit

I really ■■■■■■ up and I’m really embarrassed. I’m really ashamed now and it bothers me every day but I’m better off for it. It taught me a lot in a quick way. I realize I need to move on and get another job. I really would like to move because I’m paranoid I live in an area a lot of people dislike me now. But I doubt that would happen.
I’m trying to be better. I realize Sz is a disability only. And what you do with Sz is just what you have overcome. But there’s no advantage to being Sz like I was once believed. And what you do is just in lieu of your symptoms. Rather than some assistance by your illness in any way at all really.

Sz doesn’t make you creative, a prophet, a wiseman or anything.

If you became Really talented creatively it’s despite the Sz. Rather than because of it

Meds is our best hope. And I’m taking better meds now.

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You have definitely gained wisdom. I need to do that myself. I don’t tell people my diagnosis because of the stigma. Do you really think everyone in town knows? Is it a small town? Can you work in the next town over?

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No I don’t really think everyone knows. But most of my coworkers lived in my area and I saw them outside of work sometimes. But I haven’t seen them since.

I can work in the other direction

I worked two towns away from
Where I live. But its my hometown I worked in… But I live in the city that’s two towns away.

I’d like to work in the other direction

But I’m a lil paranoid about walking around my neighborhood because my co workers live around here. I don’t think they’d do anything but they might confront me with disrespect which I worry about most when its face to face.

I was just doing my best at the time. There’s no excuse for it but now I’m sooo much better. It was a reality check I needed/wanted and got. And was ready to see.

However it didn’t end pretty.

So I’m a bit more precarious about everything I do now. Maybe a good thing.

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Yeah. I get that. I hope you don’t ever have a confrontation too. There’s no reason for that. You didn’t harm anyone or threaten anyone so they shouldn’t have anything to confront you about.

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yeah i used to have g.i joe’s when i was little. little boys aren’t very smart when it comes to the realities of war. i thought it was so cool to be a soldier until i was about 6 years old, until thankfully sports became more important to me, and i no longer wanted to be a soldier, but a basketball player.

my nephew who is 6. loves superheroes, and always want’s to play “get the bad guy”. it’s kinda amusing, but he is a little tyrant at this point.

he roughed me up and threw me in imaginary jail about 20 times on my last visit to see him haha. i had bruises all over after the trip. lol.


I used to have Pokey kick Gumby’s ass.

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