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Just got yelled at


Really loud. I have to make the decision to ignore as many voices external or internal and best as I can. This is something beyond pills. I’m dealing with a lot lately.


Keep fighting, find some distractions and try to have fun sometimes. You are doing well. :slight_smile:


Yes, you are @roxanna and you’re doing really well. Stay strong!


I’m sorry you’re being yelled at. Who is yelling at you? Is your bf there?


i am guessing the hallucinations. She said external too. maybe someonethere.

I really hope she knows hallucinations like to try to trick people.


Are you treatment resistant? Idk I feel bad for u, but something needs to change so u can get back to a better quality of life


It’s my thinking. Negative thinking anxkanxy meds have eased from some of it.


I’m tired isn’t eel like I need to be hospitalized atm.


I hope things get better soon. I’m sorry you are being yelled at. It isn’t fun internally or externally. :frowning:


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