Just got done working

Tired. Had to fix a shower wall. It went well. I’m just beat, not really all that hungry. What are you all up to?


Played Cod for an hour then had Alfredo pasta with mushrooms and ham. Then had Italian almond cookies called Cantucci.

I have been playing video games and watching travel videos a lot these days. Today played for 4hrs total.

Now vaping, listening to music and browsing the internet. I will watch travel videos maybe in an hour and then take my meds and sleep at 11pm. Now its 9pm here.

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Don’t forget to eat just a little. I forget the importance of food, too.

Sounds really chill. You just relaxing now, huh? I’m about to take my meds now and knock out, lol. I ate some spaghetti with meat sauce and some Italian soup, really good stuff! Saved some for tommorow since I wasn’t really hungry.

@PinCushion yeah it is important. I ate some spaghetti, but didn’t really finish it. Atleast its something. I hope you ate today, too.


Is it cold where you are or it warmed up?
Here in Canada its still pretty cold, the last few days it has been -20 to -30C but today more warm, morning -20C and now -15C, tonight -20C though. These are with wind chill.

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It’s like summer over here, real nice weather! Today was a cool 70°! Damn, doesn’t sound bad at all tbh. Sounds kind of summery(?) For Canada.

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In the summer it can get to 43C including humidity factor sometimes. I don’t like humidity, we have AC.

Canada weather is extreme, very cold in winter and very hot in summer.

Ohhh wow! Thats pretty hot. Yeah same here, I hate humidity : /. Same here its all good over here. Really? I have a sibling living in canada, around the east, I forgot where exactly…

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I am in Quebec province.

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I didn’t work today. I ran errands this morning and then did some cleaning at home.

I was going to put up some new curtains but wasn’t feeling well and ended up watching a movie instead. It was the Coming to America sequel, which was light and nostalgic, and I had fun watching it.

Now I’m just winding down and getting ready for bed.


Oh, nice. How is it over there? @Aziz

@anon1517417 what a very productive day. I bet you feel great after completing some tasks. Oh, sorry to hear, hope you are feeling better now! I need to watch it sometime, I watched the OG but that was years back. Is it on Netflix? Awesome! I’m in bed too xD. Lol. I’m just waiting to knock tf out.


I like it except for the weather. Here its bilingual English and French but more French. I studied high school and college in French and university in English. Its different than in the US, here you have to pass college before being able to apply for university. Lots of different immigrants in my city and in one of the neighboring cities.

Thanks! It always feels good to get some stuff done.

The movie is on Amazon Prime Video.

@Aziz ahh, I see. The weather can change a whole vibe, dude. So is French your native tongue or English? Oh really? Canada sounds like it has a lot of high standards for their students. Same here, its really cool to see diversity imo.

@anon1517417 ohh, ok. Might see it here soon. Hope you have a good night! : D


Good on you for fixing the shower wall. Was it the shower wall in your own home or for someone else? I’m OK here. Just been busy doing small bits and bobs today but mostly just nothing.

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I like diversity too, I am an immigrant and don’t feel different as here there is people from around all the world. Actually I think in my city and that neighboring city its 50% immigrants 50% Quebecers. I speak best in French but I was born in Syria, lived the first 11 yrs of my life in Syria and learned arabic there. I speak and write arabic, french and english.

Thanks! It was someone else’s, it was pretty fast since we were a team. I’m glad, how are you feeling today? Something is something, be proud of yourself. @Raelyn_Fenn

@Aziz thats good, you feel at home there I bet. That’s really cool. Sounds like you are a really smart guy. I speak spanish and English lol. Maybe a tiny amount of French but its just the bare minimum.

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Ah glad you guys got it done, that’s nice you did someone else’s wall, did you get paid?

I’m feeling OK… I’m on a high calorie high caffeine rush Tbh. But apart from that I think this month is gonna be tricky. Its the last month before we can officially go back on bus rides. You see. I really depend on bus rides. But I’ll be OK hopefully.

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Thanks, I took one spanish course in college and one in university. I know a bit but not much, forgot a lot, that I can use it. I would have loved to learn more spanish. I listen to spanish music, reggaeton like Maluma, J Balvin, Farruko, etc Were you born in the US or in south america?