Just fractured my pinky toe

Stubbed my last 2 toes on an ottoman today. The pinky toe is now fractured (dark purple and red). I looked it up online, and there is no medical intervention needed. Second fracture this year. First my foot, and now my toe! Ouch!

ouch !! i hope it heals quick…
you may need to up your calcium intake…it helps to strengthen bones.
take care

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Thanks for the well-wishes. I drink a gallon of milk every 2-3 days.

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Hope you feel better soon, I stubbed my toe the other day and man did it hurt

I broke my pinky toe two weeks ago. Although all that ugly bruising has gone back to normal color skin, it’s still fatter than the next toe and throbs if I stand too long or walk too much.
You’re right about nothing docs will do for it except buddy tape them together.

Lets put our heads all together and think “HEAL thyself you wayward pinky toes”


My son dropped his nebulizer on my big toe on Tuesday night. It’s ugly.

I literally feel your pain. Lol.

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I had a very serious problem with one of my pinkies last years. I have neuropathy in my feet, I do not feel anything, and I did not notice that there was a wound in my pinky. Then I noticed it in the shower and went to the ER. I have diabetes and I must take care of my feet every day. They talked about the amputation of this toe and I had to go to one university hospital twice in another city and then I had to visit the local health center for the period of four months as they treated this pinky. So it took four months and numerous antibiotic prescriptions to heal the wound, it was a mess. Now my pinky is great, but as said I have to check my feet daily to make sure there are no other wounds.

Oh ouch! I might have even dropped the F-bomb on that one lol:) Seriously though, I hope your toe gets to feeling better.

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bones really suck, they arent something one wants to be.

At the hospital the doctor buddy taped my busted toe as well.

After he almost finished his work buddy taping the toe, the busted toe was rotated, meaning the toenail ( or should I say bare skin since the toe nail was torn off. ) was pointing off to one side. So I just told him that I would finish the buddy taping myself instead. Anyhow, the toe looks as good as new these days, and the toe nail grew back as well.

So just be sure that the toe is aligned properly.

Bones are a lot like people in the respect that they are taken for granted, then cursed when broken.

Teach me more.

Twenty charachters, having to write twenty charachters is not like bones.

Bones are always useful…20 characters are not.