Just found my new favorite hobby---laughing at the drunk people

me and my friend decided to go out to the bars tonight for Halloween. I don’t drink so it was “laugh at the drunk people” night for me. Boy was this fun. Thank god I’m not a part of the drinking thing anymore…just seems like a miserable time to me, i’d much rather sit there and laugh at people. Some kid came up to me and offered me cocaine or percocets but obviously I said no. Stayed 100% sober all night which made it the best night ever. The normies really are something else you know? Man they are some unique breed. Never really hung with the normies in my life but I did tonight and it was weird. This 36 year old blonde girl who grew up within 15 minute walk of me started talking to me for a while. I really liked her. Maybe I’ll run into her again. It felt good to be in control around people who had no control. Like I had power. Today was a swell day.


Well done bigjon…•°°♤:heart:◇♧:black_small_square::black_small_square:

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Well done @Jonnybegood!

Dealing with drunks whilst your sober is a probelm in itself and well done getting through that!

Your growing matey. Not many people can say that so wish you well on your journey.

Not bad being a straight man for the ladies! That is an admirable quality. Well done you!

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