Just finished errands...feels good

I love it when I get home with everything done. just in time for it to get really, really hot too…beat it. passed on a family trip to the lake…can’t take the heat, boo.


Better than going getting out on the boat and then having a heat anxiety stroke ending up in an ambulance and then to the ER for the rest of the day does not make it a good day for that at the lake I totally occur with you however I went the other route one time

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i miss hanging out at the lake fishing, there usetobe a bar out on the lake of the ozarks were id go on hot days to shot pool and drink. now theres no were … just the house.

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I got my errands done too. It’s nice to look at the list of things to get done and see what’s crossed off the list.


Today was surprisingly productive for me. I’m gonna try and relax a little now, I mean I still have to cook din for the fam but really I can spend most of the evening vegging out/watching Netflix… enjoy the rest of your day :slight_smile:

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