Just bought a new house!

I bought a house and have been so busy lately! It’s a three bedroom three bathroom place with garden beds and a huge yard to mow. I just hope I can keep up with everything but so far so good.

I quit coming on the forums for awhile because I just wasn’t as symptomatic as I was before. With some medicine changes like going to an injection of invega and keeping up with the med box have really paid off. I hope all of you are doing better and have gotten a good medication regimen.

I’m living with my girlfriend, we’ve been together now for over two years. Things can positively change for anyone I’ve learned, but it sure can take alot of effort.


Way to go @neveragain! All the best for your new home.

Astounding news! I wish you both the best. You’re a superstar schizophrenic, giving the rest of us some hope.

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That’s great @neveragain :slight_smile: Good to know. Hope things keep looking up :slight_smile:

That is just wonderful @neveragain
I remember last time you posted here you didn’t feel so well…I’m glad you made it through :trophy:

Congrats and best of luck :cake::two_hearts::v:️:ok_hand::kissing_heart::ghost::skull::ok_hand:

Congratulations @neveragain!

Hope that you guys are Happy :slight_smile:

Congrats on your new house, neveragain! May I ask you what kind of job have you got?

Good luck with the yard :wink:

Impressive. Does it have a pink Flamingo in the front yard?

yeah that’s good news bro. glad to hear, one of my best friends met a new girlfriend last year and they have their own place… the younger you are the nicer it is to have one!

Good news, man. You can do everything in your own house.

That’s fantastic. I was wondering that we hadn’t heard from you. A case of no news was good news.!!!

Congratulations on your new house!

I’m a disabled veteran.

hey thats great, you are very lucky, lots of people here can’t leave their parents or need supported living and you have a gf of 2 years, you must be quite the ladies man, are you going to get married and make it official lol :slight_smile:

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I’m a divorcee’ so I’m very worried about how things were in my first marriage. I have a daughter with my ex and they live in a different state. I love her very much, but just don’t know if I ever want to be married again. We’ve had highs and lows and have eachother convinced with no doubt that we can get through anything together. She’s helped me so much.

I know what you mean by having to live at home and not have your personal space and quiet times to deal with the illness and make chore lists. I’m a very lucky guy and I really do thank God for helping me. I think my faith is very strong because of the illness.

Some people think that increased religious thinking causes mania, for many reasons I agree with the opinion, but increased FAITH is a completely different concept entirely than religious thinking.

Be strong I say. I mowed the lawn today and listened to some trance while doing it. I didn’t realize how sedentary I was at the apartment, you have a completely new set of chores to stick to you know?

Anyways, gardening and lawn care are a great habit to get into.


Congrats!! I’m going to try to get approved for a loan next year. Wish me luck and enjoy your new home!

Hey get ready to pay DOUBLE what you think you’re paying for nopey! Be careful and get another job to save up for the house inspections, the closing fees, the earnest payment, I mean it’s alot of money and you have to show the banks tax forms of the prior two years and yada yada. It drained me alot dealing with the pace of looking for a house, and dishing out the money to survive all the fees.

I wish you the best of luck and remember that your own house can be built up and added onto also. We’re trying to get a hot tub electrical outlet put in and save for a hot tub, we may have new years champagne in it while it snows!

You’re going to have an adventure finding the right place and moving everything, (don’t forget the movers, they can cost 700-1000 dollars)…bleh, never again-we have a thirty year lease-and we’re in a dream house honestly we’re lucky.


i’d love my own house, you are really blessed my friend :slight_smile: all that hard work must have really paid off,

tell me to shut up if you want but how did you pay for all of that? what did you do?

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