Just be thankful we don't have paparazzi after us

It’s bad enough we have the illness but at least we’re not famous enough to have the paparazzi after us. I couldn’t imagine having all those people after us all the time, invading my privacy. It must be tiring and you must have a lot of patience to deal with that kind of stress. I might have to pull a Kanye West and go off on some paparazzi if that ever happened to me. I swear they would hate me so bad if I ever became famous.

I have no sympathy for stars stalked by paparazzi, they knew what they were getting when they chose that career path. They’re almost all attention whores who crave the fame and adoration. If they really didn’t like it, they’d quit.

I completely and totally agree - I sometimes like the characters that celebrities play on tv and in the movies. I am not a fan of celebrities themselves. They are in an attention seeking profession. They should deal with it.

I wonder if Amanda Bynes visits our boards since she just got schizophrenia.

Celebrities should thank the paparazzi for making them a household name instead of feigning hate for helping them remain in the public eye.

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thats just part of their career. I dont feel sorry for them, i had voices tell me how much of a “useless demon” I was, and they gave me tips on how to commit suicide. Schizophrenia can take some balls to live with, I feel proud to have survived all my episodes and ■■■■. And we dont get paid to have people in our heads talk about us- we pay to keep them away, we buy expensive meds and pay tons to see doctors. I mean like seriously schizophrenics deserve sympathy and kudos for making it through another day. Instead we are the subject of fiction and either romanticized as “special” or stigmatized as “evil, dangerous, threatening”.

schizophrenia is harder than whatever other disease people have. Just one day in the life and I bet most people would kill themselves. We’re strong, dont forget that. People with physical diseases are at least capable of dying in peace, instead of dying in hell, most likely by suicide, thats a fact.

For example, people who have “bad trips” on drugs freak out and ■■■■, hell I hallucinated my way through my first year of college.

I was famous at school, everybody knew my name, who were my friends, my boyfriend, and a lot of personal information, and I never met them…I knew that since students come to me call my name and, they wanted to meet me, tell me stuff about me, I thought no one knew ! it’s weird but it feels good

you dont know that for sure.

why do you think/believe you have privacy. it could be all an illusion…
the creator or creators of us could watch us at any given time, also the nsa could be watching you.

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It’s not like what I see on TV with the Kim Kardashians and Amanda Bynes. I don’t have cameras following me every where I go. But we could be watched everywhere we go like The Truman Show or The Matrix.

I don’t know what it’s like to be on the other side. It could be cool but I doubt it.

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dont you have had that feeling being watched…

if i think other side its black its the opposite of life and at least i could well be its silent

I’d get sued a lot because I’d just run off with their cameras. I wouldn’t beat anyone up physically, but I’d take steps to annoy them. I may even follow them home and take photos of them during their off time. Lol

I have had that feeling of being watched but only when I have been smoking marijuana. I haven’t smoked for like 4 years since I had my last psychotic episode.

i have had that feeling going too the toilet and being watched well when i was like teenager.

I avoid weed. I never smoked often…maybe 2-3 times a year max, but last time I smoked a little, it jumpstarted an insane evening that ended up with me in the ER and getting forced into the mental ward for a couple weeks. It’s supposed to calm people down, but it can throw someone who is SZ right off the edge of sanity.

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yeah I smoked pot a few times and it made me go seriously insane. Stay away from it!

Yeah, paparazzi must be a pain in the ass when you’re already having a bad day. And some of these stars have to put up with it for years. I couldn’t imagine.

This is actually one of my delusions that I’m so steeped in. When I get really tripped out that people are following me and photographing and studying me etc, my boyfriend just tells me its ok, its just your paparazzi. You’re soo cool that other ppl just want to follow you
It actually makes me calm down cuz I laugh and accept it. Hey I’m famous so why wouldn’t I be followed and studied? Lol weird way to deal with a delusion but hey it works for me

Haha what she did? Sorry for laughing…welcome to the club is it everything you hoped and dreamed it would be?
Hehe I can’t Idk why but this is funny to me

She just got released from a mental institution where she was diagnosed as bipolar with schizophrenia.

They released her DX? I know there were a LOT of rumors going around that were taken as true until her mom spoke out. When I heard about her behavior, I just thought she was bipolar. Though I did notice her facial expressions have that forced look to them like she lacks regulation for her facial expressions; very relatable.

I guess the paparazzis that were camping outside her hospital were also spooking the other patients, preventing them from going outside. There should seriously be laws about what paparazzis can and can’t do.