Jojo's bizarre adventure

Does anyone else here like Jojo’s bizarre adventure? Other than being just a really fun show, I kind of relate to it a lot with the show’s “stands” in the way that they are supernatural beings that always accompany the user and only other stand users can see them. Of course, we don’t get the cool powers that come with them >n<


Planning on watching it but I’m currently watching naruto shippuden with my sister and I’m busy with school.

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Just curious, do you like watching anime with subs or do you like it with a dub? If dubs, you’re in luck since the 2nd season is getting one very soon. If subs then you are even more in luck since they are already in the 3rd season.

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My little bro’s love anime, they watch everything, naruto, fairy tale, neon genesis and many more. I’ve found I don’t have the attention span for anime anymore, I have this stereotypical thinking which makes it so all I can do is think abt my illness and read and post on this forum. I envy you for your ability to get interested in anime. I was never much of an anime guy growing up, I was always into manga bcoz our local library has an amazing collection.

Haven’t watched it but may give it a try since its on crunchyroll.

Jojo left his home in Tuscan Arizona for some California grass.


Hahaha, I’m not sure if you know this or not, but nearly everyone in Jojo’s bizarre adventure is named after popular music. For example Robert E. O. Speedwagon, Dio Brando, and of course Jojo (

Subs :slight_smile: Although I’m planning on watching Devil is A Part-Timer in dubs as I’ve watched it twice in subs and there’s meant to be different jokes.

Is that what stereotyped thinking is? I must have it too then as all I can do is obsess over my illness complain about how ■■■■■■ I am/got. And read internet literature about a cure for psychosis.

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Yeah man, it sucks, doesn’t it? Not being able to get into music, movies, books, news and the things you’re studying really puts a damper on life. It’s just that mental inflexibility which makes it impossible for us to become passionate about whatever is in front of us like we were pre-illness. I used to be able to multitask, now I can only handle one thing at a time and I also have a hard time paying attention to whatever I’m focusing on.

Wow, yea I can totally relate to all of those things you mentioned. I don’t have a lack of motivation or some of the other negative symptoms But a profound inability to focus on anything that I used to love to do.
I can’t get over what this illness has done to me. It’s like it took the light out of my eyes and the fire out of my soul. Anyhow I hope it gets better for you I’ve had periods of general well being and those things ironically returned. But yea it’s hard to care about something as trivial as what’s going on in the news or reading for fun when your engaged in a life or death struggle to stay alive every day.

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I suppose one of my best traits is also my worst weaknesses. I get obsessed with shows and games to the point where it’s what I think about 90% of the time. I give so much thought to the stories and the characters and the worlds. I love creating my own stories set in the worlds with my own characters too. I just spend hours thinking about it when there are actually important things I need to do.

I’m the exact opposite to you, sz took that ability away from me. Make sure you cherish it and get the most out of it. In the meantime I’m here struggling with my inability to get really involved in stuff.