John nash delusions

I found out today that mr. nash thought that aliens were communicating with him.

I never knew he said that, they didn’t put that one in the film did they.

He thought aliens were in his mind, i see an alien the first few minutes of psychosis.


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Yeah I was hoping it was aliens. Then maybe theyd come down and set us straight.

“Take me to your Leader”.

In my dreadful 2012 relapse, my delusion told me I was the child of an alien and was sent to my parents’ home by the aliens. These aliens were calling me back to their planet, along with other aliens on earth. but I loved the earth too much and was not willing to go back to alien’s planet. Blahblahblah…

I rarely watched movies like Star War and was not interested in Alien or in Space discovery. Why I had this vivid delusion saying there were many aliens on earth and I was one of them?

I was eventually told I was communicating with entities from another planet as they were having me Google stuff about quantum physics and explaining the composition of their planet through various elements in the periodic table. If a voice can get me to Google stuff or type out stuff it’s going to get bad lol

Maybe it was a thought You had in The past that there could be others out there? I’ve also read that the mind of a schiz can be more flexible with the sense of self than someone who is healthy

Maybe they are waiting to see if we are worth setting straight.

If we were worth setting straight you wouldn’t need to set us straight.

If we are set straight then we’ll be worth something.

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“I didn’t vote for the guy.” They would say.

I dunno I thought I was blind strapped to a chair trying to appease reptilian beings once…so I had sushi delivered. They seemed to like it lol.

That or maybe genetically grow giant strawberries for them and fill them with ice cream?