John Lennon, lets not forget him

How could we?..……………

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My favorite John Lennon song is probably his song “God.”

It’s a very sad song.

I would post the video to it, but the lyrics to the song might be triggering to some.

Good thread though, @77nick77.

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John Lennon - How ?

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Ol John Lennon. I was still in the womb. Love ya john. Rip

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I had a Great, Sweet, Precious Mother, who had a very generous Heart of Gold.

John Lennon - Brother
Just a few simple letter changes (and a few words) and this song is spot on.

and imo Time changes most things but the one thing that will never change, is History.

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I read that he was not such a nice guy.
He was a wife beater and emotionally abused his son Julian.

He was also a compulsive liar.

Tell me it ain’t so.

I’ve heard he was a bit of a tosser earlier on…

He beat women and was prone to inflicting physical violence on people while he was under the influence of alcohol…

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He invited a homeless delusional guy into his mansion for soup once. I thought that was big of Lennon. The homeless man wandered up to Lennon’s home asking to have some Beatles lyrics clarified for him. John said, “That’s just a nonsense song. Are you hungry?”

I can’t. I’ve heard the same stuff about him from different sources. And more.

But however bad a person he might have been, he still brought joy to millions of people and he was part of the most influential music group in history. I guess you have to separate the man from the music and just look at the positive contributions he made to this world.

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I noticed the other day he was only 40 when he died. I’ll be 40 next year…that hit home.

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Can we compromise on forgetting Yoko Ono?

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I disliked Yoko Ono as much as a lot of people did even though she was not the sole reason the Beatles broke up. Her music is laughable and irritating and incomprehensible but she recently had her 80th birthday and I’ve finally come around. She’s an interesting part of history and I don’t hold any grudges towards her now. She lived in a unique time with different circumstances and people and she shouldn’t still be vilified as much as she is.

Yeah great post mate. Lennon was my favorite Beatle. He had a serious edge which really made some great music…From " You’ve got to hide your love away " ( amazing song ) to his solo stuff off of Imagine!

George was spiritual and All Things Must Pass is a great album, Paul did some good songs but dried up later. Ringo. He was an ok drummer enough said.

So sad some idiot had access to a gun and who asked Lennon for a job who replied ring this dude! Terrible.

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