I have an interview at 2:30 in an hour and a half. I’m very nervous because I’m not too good at interviews. Wish me luck!


Best of luck. I hope you get the job. :sunny:

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Good luck @Tyme! Hope things go well for you!

Good luck @Tyme! :slightly_smiling_face:

Good luck. I believe in you. :tada::tada::tada:

Keeping my fingers crossed for good luck for you at your interview.
Keep your chin up and remember to smile.

best of luck, you can do this

You got this! Just be yourself :slight_smile:

How did it go? 1515

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An a-sshole? lol

The interview went well. I hope I get it.


Good for you. I hope you get it too. :owl::owl::owl:

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Woodsy the owl says give a hoot! (:smile:

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